Wouter de Bres—Product Designer

I help startups design simpler user experiences.

Simplify & redesign products

Often products becomes more complex than needed due to the fast pace of startups. Simplifying and redesigning the user experience can make the product more effective.

Coach & lead design teams

Having lead companies and design teams, I can help coach and lead your design team to establish clear design principles and processes to unlock their full potential.

Design & prototype MVP’s

Imagining a new product from the ground up can be a daunting task, yet so much fun. Let me help bring your ideas to life and design a first version of your product together.

What people say who worked with me


Kat KennedyGeneral Partner, Kickstart Fund

“Wouter is a world-class talent without the ego. Each day working with him I both learned something and enjoyed the time as we worked to solve hard problems together. Not only does he have an astute eye for design, but he is human centered in all that he does. Wouter also has the rare ability to both excel as a leader and dive deep into day-to-day execution. Any team or project would be lucky to have his involvement!”


Petar RadoševićHead of Engineering, Workera

“I had the pleasure of working with Wouter on many projects across many companies Wouter has a unique ability to deeply understand the needs of the user and what they want to accomplish. Working with Wouter is working with someone who has done the work, built dozens of software applications, and can work closely with others to distribute his extensive knowledge.”


Jeff SherlockSVP Product, Jobber

“I worked with, and managed Wouter and he is one of the most thoughtful, caring, and talented people I’ve ever worked with in my career. Wouter has a unique ability to both be empathetic, yet push for greatness with his team. Wouter is on a shortlist of people I’d go out of my way to work with again.”


Stacy BeattyProduct Designer, Degreed

“Wouter is an excellent designer and leader. As a product designer, he has the ability to truly empathize with users, understand and define their problems, and craft simple, elegant solutions. As a leader, Wouter does an exceptional job of coaching and inspiring others to do their very best work. When I was on Wouter’s team at Degreed, I learned so much from him about how to be a better designer and leader. In general, Wouter is a really good person. He’s great to work with, very intelligent, thoughtful, and kind.”


Nick ChristianChief Sales Offices, Workera

“Wouter is a great human and even better designer. As a sales leader at Degreed, I took great interest in how our product was being designed. Wouter's work on Degreed was exceptional and made the platform a delight to demo to clients, and drove high engagement with users. Always ready to hear feedback from sales and prospects, Wouter was a great listener and able to translate feedback into great design. If you need a designer who will change the game for you and your product, Wouter is the best human I can think of for the job.”


Alisa FortinProduct Manager, AWS

“Wouter is an effective leader who aligned and inspired his design teams across three continents and different time zones to create compelling user experiences that inspired our customers and users to build their own paths towards skills and expertise. During his time at Degreed, Wouter not only hired and developed the product design team, but also built the product research function to get in-depth insights into our users’ minds and create a well-thought-out strategy for building products our customers love.”


Brit MolineDirector Product Design, Degreed

“Wouter is a talented designer and an empathetic and thoughtful person. He approaches every project and person with a caring curiosity that is hard to match and creates incredible results.”


Joeri DjojosoepartoTechnical Lead, Workera

“I have built many products together with Wouter. His focus on simplicity always helps us to craft user experiences that are both effective and enjoyable for our users.”


Wijnand van DeutekomEngineering Manager, Mollie

“I worked for Wouter on the Gibbon apps, he delivered astonishing designs and truly knew how to deliver a great user experience. Working with Wouter is great, communicating with him a breeze. He is hands down the best designer I've ever worked with.”