Pivoting to an enterprise book learning platform.

BookClub started as a video platform focussed on interviews with authors. the company pivoted to become a team based book learning platform for enterprises. This pivot meant we had to rethink the entire product.

We learned that teams often struggle with finding shared language and principles. Books were often seen as the perfect tool to solve for this issue, yet the traditional book clubs were often not as effective as the business leader hoped for. With Book Club we created an experience with which leaders can provide their team with the key lessons and take aways from the books they love. Supplemented with hosted real time discussions it made a huge impact on the clients culture and team dynamics.

Now vs. Next

The paradigms for Home and Explore we used were Now—diving back into the lessons and seeing your co-worker's learnings, and Next—providing users with possible next books to learn with their team.

Bite-sized lessons

When a team decides to learn a book, we distribute easy to consume bite-sized lessons with the key insights from the book. Additionally we provide real-time discussions to increase impact.

Team-based learning and individual skill profiles

BookClub believes learning makes the biggest impact if done together with your team. Learned books will build individual skill profiles.