Designing a MacOS app to deploy static websites

Coding and deploying simple static websites is still a hassle. Especially for people who do like to code their website in HTML/CSS but maybe don't have the skills to work with command line tools.

With Codespace we aimed to build a light-weight MacOS tool that makes it super simple to start a project and publish it on your custom domain name. The website you are looking at right now is built and deployed with Codespace.

The idea & Wireframes

It all started with creating rough wireframes to have a starting point for discussions and validation. I love this phase since it is quick to create and you learn a ton about if it is the right direction.

Setting up a minimal design system

To make translating the wireframes to high fidelity designs as easy as possible I created a simple and minimal design system with colors, tuypography, elements, layouts and grid.

Creating custom icons

To give the product its own personality I created a custom icon set that was used in the interface.

Boilerplate projects

To make it easier to get started I created several boilerplate project where users can choose their prefered framework and type of boilerplate project.

Run project locally

Once a user have created their project they can easily run the project locally with the flick of a switch. No need to install any dependencies.

Simple HTML/CSS and Markdown

Hugo and Zola are both frameworks that have simplicity built within itself. All templates and pages are easily adjustable with HTML/CSS and Markdown.

Easy deployment with the click of a single button

Pubslihing a website is made super easy, you just have to click a button and it's autmotacially deployed. Simple analytics will help you give insights into the traffic on your site.