Simplifying and redesigning a learner experience platform.

After Gibbon got acquired by Degreed, I was asked to lead and grow their design team. Degreed had already been succesful in the LXP (Learner Experience Platform) market and served many big enterprises with their product. The challenge was how to turn this product in a wonderful user experience.

The most important part was creating a culture in the product team with amazing humans and designers and provide them with the process and guardrails to do their best work. In the ~6 I was part of the Degreed I helped the company grow to become a unicorn in the tech industry serving one third of the fortune 500 companies.

Product Design Principles

To ensure consistency of output of a design team, it is essential to be aligned on design principles. That is why we started with defining product design principles with the team to use as a foundation for all our design decisions.

Rethinking the Product Flow

Degreed is a product with a lot of functionalities and features, to make the product easier to understand we re-evaluated all functionalities and where everything had to live inside the product. We created a sitemap of all pages and defined a user flow that was easier to understand.

Building a team of amazing humans and designers

I had the honor to build the Degreed product design team that would best serve the company and product. Hiring not only for great skills but also for good humans was my focus so we could create a culture of trust. Of all the things we have achieved at Degreed together, building this team is what I am most proud of.

Building the Degreed design system

With the amazing humans from above we built a design system that made our user experience more consistent and visually pleasing.

Redesigning all views and elements

Step by step my team redesigned every view and element on Degreed. This particular view is the learner home view, where learners can dive back into learning the most relevant skills.