Wouter de Bres—
Psychologist turned Product Designer

I am the father of the most beautiful twin daughters in the world. I live in the Netherlands and I love to ride my motorcyle to unwind.

A long time ago I started my career as a psychologist, but quickly realized that designing digital products is my true passion. My master's in psychology turned out to be a tremendous help with understanding human behavior and how to best design for it; simplicity is the key to great user experiences.

I have around 16 years experience designing digital products. I co-founded two companies called Bread&Pepper and Gibbon. The last one got acquired by Degreed, and for several years I have enjoyed leading and growing the product design team of this edtech unicorn.

I love simplicity, have an allergy for bullsh*t and always strive to be a good human. If you think I can help you with any project or coaching, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Some photos of my life...